Maintain the electrolyte balance of your body with a unique taste!

Zinc-Magnesium-added Beverage Powder with Electrolytes provides a balanced mix of carbohydrates and electrolytes, helping you to be in an advantageous position in your physical activity.


Potassium 18,5 mEq/L
Sodium 44,4 mEq/L
Chloride 34 mEq/L
Magnesium 375 mq/L
Citrate 28,7 mEq/L
Dextrose 16 g/L
Zinc 7,5 mg/L

In summer, when the temperature and humidity increase, the need for fluid is higher than in other seasons. The body throws out excess heat with faster breathing, sweating and urine in order to keep its temperature in balance against the air temperature. About 65% of the human body is made up of water. An adult person loses an average of 2.5 liters of fluid per day to balance their body temperature.


The electrolyte balance of the body is very essential for the successful functioning of cells and nerves. Electrolyte elements are sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

In addition to fluid loss, minerals such as sodium, calcium and potassium, which regulate the body's electrolyte balance, are also excreted. Under normal conditions, our body can meet the lost fluid and electrolyte elements with food and the same amount of water to maintain the fluid and electrolyte balance. Decreases in the body's normal daily amount of fluid are manifested by the feeling of thirst. Serious health problems can occur if fluid decreases are constantly increased as a habit.

What is Supplyte Electrolyte Sachet?
It is a balanced mixture of electrolytes, magnesium, zinc. It helps you to be in an advantageous position in your physical activities. The right energy power provides more endurance during training. Supplyte Electrolyte Drinking Powder supports the body's water absorption with slow, moderate and fast-release carbohydrates and five essential electrolytes. This provides more endurance by helping the body to prevent dehydration during long-term training. You can choose it as your number one energy drink when you need long-lasting, regular energy.